Jala solves the shrimp farming loss and harvests uncertainty by providing an integrated solution, consist of the internet of thing (IoT) device which had 5 sensors, submerged into shrimp pond then measure and gather the water quality data and send it to the cloud.

Category IoT/Hardware (view all)
Year Found 2015 (view all)
Founders Aryo Wiryawan (Founder) , Syauqy Nurul Aziz (Co-Founder and Product Manager) , Liris Maduningtyas (Co-Founder and CEO) , Hanry Ario Prestianto (Co-Founder) , Farid Inawan (Co-Founder and Electrical Engineer)


Website https://jala.tech/
Location Yogyakarta
Round Year Amount Investor
2021 USD 6,000,000
Seed Funding 2019 USD 570,000 500 Startups , Conservation International Ventures
Seed Funding 2018 undisclosed 500 Startups , Hatch Blue Ltd
Seed Funding 2018 undisclosed Hatch Blue Ltd
Pre-Seed Funding 2017 undisclosed Brinc , Hatch Blue Ltd

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